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August Debouzy's ambition

August Debouzy is a business law firm. Driven by a modern vision of legal expertise and at the heart of the evolution of the economic world. By approaching 321, the firm wishes to take a complete tech turn and begin its transition to a legal Tech Company.

For 321 and August Debouzy, the study of the legaltech market highlighted a particular legal need among startups/scaleups until the arrival of the first lawyer:
How to manage, create and supervise all of your contracts, without wasting time and without risking jeopardizing the business?

What is Angelaw?

Angelaw is a SaaS solution All-In-One on the entire contractual process

An enormous and immediate opportunity in Europe

A European market of €750 million, growing by +13%, which is still not well addressed.

Angelaw is the first fully SaaS contract management platform that aims to join the list of top startup tools alongside Paypal, Figures, Swile, Alan, etc.

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To generate a contract
750 M€
Market size

From design to scale in a few months

321 joined forces with August Debouzy, benefiting from the proven expertise of its B2B serial entrepreneurs. Our partner contributed by providing numerous market insights that were essential for the launch of the startup. Thanks to this collaboration, the team quickly designed and deployed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) on the market, which allowed them to seduce and acquire their first 15 customers in just a few weeks.

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