Start up studio: 4 key success factors for successfully launching a business in Startup Studio mode

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More and more businesses are beginning to open up to new innovation patterns. After trying other levers such as intrapreneurship or. corporate venture, the Start up studio option makes it possible to combine the strengths of large companies and the agility of entrepreneurs.

Here are 4 fundamental points before embarking on a creative project with a Start-up Studio:

1. The Market Dictates the Tempo, Not the Internal

Internal inertia is a danger (process and validation), the market moves quickly, so we will have to give ourselves the means to do otherwise to act as quickly as other players. Who Should We Bring Together to Make Quick Decisions? What organization? My reco: act like a fund that injects €xm€ that the CEO must make good use of before being short cash. A budget that is confidential and limited in time. Depending on the results, refinancing (or co-financing) or stopping.

2. Do not remain consanguineous

Surround yourself with different people, especially entrepreneurs, who will have different reflexes, a different vision of risk, ease with blank sheets of paper or walls, new expertise. Their added value on execution is key; you have to agree to share the value created to attract the best.

3. Imagining a New Governance

Create new governance principles that give rights and duties to people who are fully responsible for these new activities. The creation of a NewCo provides this framework; with this framework, founders can act quickly, feel responsible and capitalistically involved in the success (or not) of this activity. Having created this framework is already in itself the first step towards innovation. Without this frame...

4. Align with the Objective

A basic reminder, but the objective must be clear: create additional turnover with the conviction that this NewCo is the best option to operate or become a shareholder (minority to attract VCs) of a new company whose valuation is the objective.

At 321founded, we are convinced that our ETI and CAC40 have golden assets, and that together, with this recipe everything is possible.

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