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Assess and accelerate new businesses

As a large corporation, if you've launched or acquired a new business and want to assess whether its strategic direction is on track, we help you maximize or redirect its ambition.

An audit to benefit your business

Assessing business opportunity potential

Following an in-depth market analysis, we evaluate the asset across multiple dimensions: team capabilities, unique value proposition, business model, product features...

Revamping the strategic trajectory

We propose a new strategic direction aligned with the identified opportunities. We pay particular attention to ensuring it leverages the competitive advantages of your ecosystem.

Crafting a concrete action plan

We provide a well-argued recommendation for the future of the venture. The action plan includes a clear strategic objective and concrete steps to implement, based on on-the-ground research, expert interviews, and user feedback."

It's time not to waste time!

Taking swift action to align with market demands is crucial to turning your investment into tangible and profitable success. We provide our entrepreneurial experience and methodology to ensure its success.

Need to redefine the strategy for one of your assets?

Talk with Thomas, Partner at 321.

How long does the due diligence process take?

The duration of the due diligence process typically spans three weeks, although it may vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Our team strives to conduct a comprehensive and thorough assessment within this timeframe, focusing on key aspects of your business and its market.

Do you provide a team of entrepreneurs to ensure the successful execution of the action plan?

If we find that the current team is not fully aligned with the project's objectives and requirements, we can indeed assist you in identifying a more suitable profile or profiles.

What if you identify that there is no real need behind the value proposition we offer?

In the event that we determine the current value proposition does not address a genuine market need, we do not leave you without options. Often, we can identify a new opportunity, such as through a project spin-off, and effectively leverage your company's strengths.

Let's create growth engines.

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