créer un Startup Studio

Industrialize the launch of new businesses.

In 2 months, let's define the model of your internal Startup Studio. Our shared goal: create multiple startups within the first year."

Give your innovation strategy a real tempo

Turning a flow of ideas into viable businesses

A problem or a need can give rise to a great business opportunity. However, these elements must be identified and brought forward to be exploited.

Access to a key network of entrepreneurs

We provide access to our network to connect with leading entrepreneurs in your industry and help you recruit the best talents to lead the startups we create.

De-risking your investment

By partnering with large companies, we focus on creating sustainable business models. Our collaboration aims to minimize risks and maximize the profit potential of each startup.

Our three-step methodology

Creating a tailored model that fits you

Because 'One size fits all' doesn't exist, the model for your internal Startup Studio should depend on your internal organization and strategic objectives. Initially, we lay the foundations of your studio by defining numerous parameters such as governance and the business model. At this stage, it is also essential to determine the involvement of various Business Units in venture creation.

Idea Sourcing: Implementing a Process

Our approach includes establishing a process to encourage and source startup ideas, both internally and externally. Serving as the heartbeat of your Startup Studio, this idea pipeline should be continuously enriched, feeding into your overall innovation strategy and influencing your M&A vision.

Startups creation

Our startup creation process is designed with an industrialized approach, allowing us to swiftly identify opportunities and either seize or discard them. To de-risk launches as much as possible, each startup will follow the same creation phases (Venture Design, Venture Build, Venture Scale). Startup creation will be organized into 'batches' or 'cohorts,' providing a pulse to your innovation strategy.

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How many startups can we create per year?

The number of startups we can create together varies, with a minimum of two per year. This figure primarily depends on the resources you are willing to allocate and your organization's capacity to integrate and support these new ventures. Our structured and industrialized approach allows for efficient creation while adapting the pace to your needs and capabilities.

Do you fully operate the created Startup Studio?

Our level of involvement in your Corporate Startup Studio is flexible. We can collaborate to define its overall model, after which you can take the reins, or we can entirely manage the startup creation process for you. In the latter case, we provide dedicated entrepreneur teams to oversee each stage, from ideation to implementation.

Do you recruit the startup teams?

Yes, we can handle the recruitment and connect you with the most qualified entrepreneurs to manage the identified business opportunities. We strongly recommend selecting entrepreneurs with prior startup creation experience rather than relying on internal mobility.

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