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Do you want to enter a new market, access new technology, leverage data, or create a spin-off from an already launched activity?

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Partnering with Entrepreneurs

Take swift action

Our methodology, derived from our entrepreneurial experience, is tailored for rapid innovation, keeping pace with your market's demands. In just a few months, we can go from idea to action.

De-risk your investment

We focus on creating sustainable business models. Our collaboration aims to minimize risks and maximize the profit potential of each startup.

Reduce the 'Cost to Own'

Unlike an M&A operation, Corporate Venture Building not only reduces initial costs but also ensures better long-term synergy between the startup and your company, thus optimizing the cost-benefit ratio of the investment."

Our 3-step methodology to launch a startup in 6 months

Venture Design

A sprint of analysis and field testing to discover and/or confirm a business opportunity, identify a distinctive value proposition, and define the go-to-market strategy.

Venture Build

Action! 321's internal Venture Builders launch the solution into the market to acquire the first users. They carry out initial iterations and evolve the product/service based on the feedback received.

Venture Scale

The startup is incorporated, and its CEO, a successful entrepreneur in the industry, joins the adventure. The Venture Builders transition with the recruited team. The startup officially takes off!

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What is the equity distribution at the startup's creation?

At the creation of the startup, equity is divided among the Corporate, the CEO, and 321. This distribution is designed to align interests and ensure a shared commitment to the startup's success. It also depends on the Corporate's objective behind creating the startup (acquisition, exit, etc.).

Is it possible to launch a startup in 'Incognito' mode?

Absolutely, it is entirely possible to launch a startup in 'Incognito' mode, without revealing the company behind the project. This approach allows for greater flexibility and can be strategic for testing new ideas without directly impacting the Corporate's brand image.

I want to join a startup as a CEO, what is the process?

If you are interested in the role of CEO in one of our startups, we invite you to visit our careers page. There, you will find a generic listing dedicated to such positions. Feel free to apply so we can assess your fit with available opportunities."

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