321 - Corporate Startup Studio
Our story

The year when two rather friendly, somewhat dreamy entrepreneurs decided to disrupt the status quo.

Why didn't Solocal, despite its strong relationships with French restaurants, launch TheFork? Why didn't Canal+, with its subscription model for exclusive content, create Netflix? And why didn't Cegedim, despite its presence in the healthcare sector, achieve the resounding success of Doctolib?

In seeking answers to these questions, Romain and Patrick invented a new model that allows large companies to innovate at the pace dictated by their market.

A model where Corporate, CEO, and Studio work together to create the growth engines of tomorrow.

Our team of serial entrepeneurs

average of startups launched per pers.
talents in our network of startups
advisors , VC & BA

Our motto 
from Day 1

Dream it, Do it

Anything that can be dreamed can be achieved. We will always support boldness and innovation.

Transcend the obvious

Let's see beyond the obvious, discerning subtlety where others only see the surface.

Fight for success

Every morning, we passionately commit to turning our challenges into successes and achieving our goals with resilience and determination.

United no matter what

We fail and succeed together. United in our effort, we cherish collaboration and solidarity to achieve our goals.

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