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Each month, we deliver a strong decrypted signal and an international watch to open the chakras.

And if you know us, you know that we are pragmatic entrepreneurs: it is in this state of mind that we want to share our findings. Do not hesitate to answer us and give us your suggestions.

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Apple Vision Pro, announced flop or revolution?

Honestly, we are not fortune-tellers. We let tech magazines discuss it on the spot.

We took our time to analyze the opportunities that seemed most relevant to us. With starting points - as is often the case - the uncertainties generated by a new launch.

In the end, that's kind of what we do.

“At this price, Apple is not going to sell a lot of them”


In fact, Apple plans to sell around 150,000 units. This does not mean that the market will not exist.

Think luxury and pro.

Ask an architect, graphic design agency, or premium home theater owner how much they've invested in their screens? A pro screen for a photographer costs around $2,000.

Apple offers an infinity of screens for 3,500.


“Meta offers the same thing for less

Yes and no.

Apple is building on and adding a layer of progress to date.

The real feat that no one is really talking about, because let's face it, it's a bit technical: VisionOS is a so-called “real time” operating system, usually reserved for military or scientific applications.

In two words? Zero lag.

And that, for use as a productivity tool, is essential.


“But I don't really understand what it's for, really.”

You are 100% right.

Despite two or three specific announcements (the Office suite, Disney partnership) Everything is to be built. The Vision Pro dedicated app store is empty. But in a year, for the launch, it will be bursting at the seams.

And we are not immune to Apple being very generous with the pioneers who will fill its store.


  • Get inspired by First-Movers from the app store in 2008 (500 apps at the time of release)
  • Think in terms of the end user: the pros, the fans, the luxury
  • Capitalize on what already exists: if you have already produced for VR - especially with the Unity engine - it will be 100% compatible with the Vision Pro
  • Read the opinions developers and entrepreneurs Who were there at the start of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch



  • Don't think that only fully immersive experiences have a place on Vision Pro: “2D” ports will be legion, and much less expensive to develop
  • Don't rely only on your iOS developers, it's time to recruit in the AR/VR professions
  • Don't imagine a gold rush right from the start: at $3,500 per device, the ecosystem will take a long time to stabilize. But you will be at the forefront


On the saving/retirement side of the movement.

Fact 1: the adoption of the pension reform.

Fact 2: The vote scheduled for this summer of The Value Sharing Law which will require companies with 11 to 49 employees to set up a participation or profit-sharing system, an employee savings plan or a value-sharing bonus as soon as they are profitable.

A breach for new actors who will take the opposite view of traditional organizations. This is already the case with Gedeon (2 million euros raised at the beginning of the year from Business Angels) which places use and pedagogy at the center of its offer. We can finally say that we understand something about PERs.


The water issue will become brutally central in the next 10 years. Several megalopolises are - successfully - testing “decentralized water treatment systems”.

Understand: each building has its own technology for treating wastewater and reusing it. In San Francisco, It is even now an obligation for all buildings over 10,000m2.

Of course Silicon Valley is already on the move.


It is completely unknown in our countries, it is The Tik Tok e-commerce platform (simply called Tik Tok Shop).

Launched last year in 6 countries in Southeast Asia, She is beginning to worry the giants Alibaba and Shopee, witnesses to its rapid growth.

According to analysts, these are the rise of Social Commerce (via influencers) and a generation Mobile FirsT that push the platform up.


To peck:

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💻 The Digital Nomads transform the cities of the world, and not necessarily for the best

🌎 FC Dortmund organized The first 100% carbon neutral soccer match

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