Study: Corporate venture building, the new way for large groups to innovate?

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321 and Maddyness are launching a study on corporate venture building in order to map the innovation structures of large groups that are initiating new startups.

Call for testimony

Have you succeeded in moving the walls and launching a new (real*) startup within your company?
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321 and Maddyness are launching a study on the subject of Corporate Venture Building which will be published in the coming weeks. The challenge of this survey is to better understand corporate initiatives and to map the different approaches of the innovation structures of large groups to initiate new startups*.

*structure with strong growth (use/turnover), autonomous, team associated with value creation, large market addressed.

The 5 key points that prompted us to carry out this study:

  1. Major groups are looking for a diversified approach to innovation in order to penetrate new markets and remain competitive.
  2. Companies have tested numerous open innovation tools, but often without obtaining concrete results.
  3. Established businesses are designed to replicate a proven business model on a large scale, which limits their ability to innovate quickly and thus keep pace with the market.
  4. Innovation cannot be confined internally and open innovation promotes the exchange of expertise with stakeholders.
  5. Corporate venturing, including corporate venture building, seems to be doing well in allowing large groups to create promising startups, thus offering new opportunities for innovation and access to emerging technologies.

We are deeply convinced that this innovation model will contribute strongly to the economy of the third decade of the 21st century. And as passionate entrepreneurs, we want to highlight the most inspiring successes that result from it.

In the coming weeks, we'll be addressing this critical issue by interviewing experts in the field and by highlighting the best practices we've discovered within some major groups. If you are concerned by the subject, do not hesitate to contact us at the following address: We would love to talk to you and to move this discussion forward.

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