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In full expansion, 321 is looking for talent with a passive entrepreneurial background to join the studio's teams or its startups.

Great opportunities on the Studio side

🟣 x1 Head of Venture Building
🟣 x1 Venture Builder
🟣 x2 Venture Designer
🟣 x1 Partner

And on the Startups side:
🟣 x3 CEO Fintech/Legaltech
🟣 x2 CTO Fintech/Legaltech
🟣 x1 B2C marketing lead
🟣 x1 Fintech Product Manager

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See you soon!

About 321

321 was created by serial entrepreneurs with the desire to invent a new hybrid entrepreneurship model: we create startups by combining the assets of large companies with the power of execution of entrepreneurs.

Our team is made up of 100% entrepreneurs who contribute their experience, their DNA as a “doer” and their network. 321 is now a partner of more than 15 major leading companies with whom we create new startups in various sectors: Fintech, E-commerce, various sectors: Fintech, E-commerce, Web3, Web3, Future of Work, LegalTech, Travel, etc.

We have built a unique methodology that allows us to study new business opportunities in two months, before making a decision to launch or not. In case of launch, we create a new structure, financed by Corporates and/or funds, to which are associated: the founders we are going to seek, 321 and our partners (Corporates/VC).

During the Seed, Build and Scale phases, the entire 321 team is positioned as a co-shareholder and co-pilot.

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