Corporate Venture Building: How do large groups drive innovation by creating startups?

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Corporate Venture Building is emerging as a new innovation strategy for large companies.

Maddyness and 321founded unveil this trend through a new panorama. An exploration in this ecosystem with 60 CVCs, startup support programs from 17 major groups and 20 startup studios.

Over the years, large companies have mastered the fundamental principles of entrepreneurship, making startups an essential component of their innovation approach. Faced with the rise of this synergy, our study looks at three innovative methods that rely on entrepreneurship to generate new growth opportunities.


“3/4 of the corporate women we talk to are interested in Venture Building after having tested HVAC or intrapreneurship. The contribution of the startup studio makes it possible to de-risk the launch of new businesses, upstream in terms of highly operational preliminary analysis and downstream in terms of execution provided by an entrepreneurial team.” explains Patrick Amiel, co-founder of 321founded.

Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) aim to maximize value for their group.

Initially focused on minority investments in well-established startups, CVCs are evolving to encourage synergy between large companies and startups. This dynamic allows them to expand their services, diversify their offerings and strengthen their market footprint.

Intrapreneurship : a preserved initiative.

When intrapreneurship is no longer limited to a simple transformation program, it offers employees a chance to innovate outside of conventional structures. Two approaches are emerging: one focused on the core business to propel major innovations and another, more radical, aimed at considering disruptive technological advances while capitalizing on the group's existing technologies for new areas.

The Corporate Venture Building (CVB) : acceleration to the market with optimal execution.

With increasing maturity in entrepreneurship, some major groups are adopting CVB for more refined value creation. The CVB aims to launch autonomous startups that operate independently of the main entity. The success of this approach depends on a startup studio and an experienced team, often entrepreneurs. This method merges the strength of large companies with the agility of entrepreneurs, responsible for developing and deploying high-growth startups.

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