Large groups, to innovate, dare to take an entrepreneurial approach!

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Why didn't Solocal create TheFork? However, the company enjoyed strong commercial relationships with French restaurants. Canal+, which already offered its own content by subscription, could have imagined Netflix. And why did Cegedim not have the success of a Doctolib?

Although they must innovate in order not to be overwhelmed and to find new sources of growth, the actions missed by corporate companies are legion. However, they have valuable assets to launch and maintain new businesses: distribution networks, customer base, sector expertise, talents, reputation, reputation, investment capacity, etc.

Innovation often starts in the way you think and then how you do it. To start innovating, you often have to start by changing your operating method. Naturally, the company will have to face legitimate resistance to change, in the face of the weight of habits, short-term pressure and risk aversion. We will have to leave the frame, change the timescale, and learn by walking. Leaving comfort zones cannot be done while remaining consanguineous. The corporates + entrepreneurs alliance can make it possible to meet incredible challenges by operating differently.

Stick to the market tempo

The market dictates the tempo. Today, entrepreneurs backed by investment funds have the means and a form of freedom to operate very quickly. To innovate, it is essential to stick to the rhythm of the market.

The desire to innovate and create a startup is not limited to a beautiful PowerPoint and yet another version of a business plan. Launching successfully involves moving quickly to be in sync with the market, being obsessed with finding your “product market fit”, then growing, being able to question yourself, pivot and constantly iterate to find the best way to develop.

Making mistakes is part of the entrepreneurial journey and this often involves giving up a good part of the methods and procedures that govern the corporate world.

Finally, the guarantee of sufficient investment capacity is of course essential, as well as the support of the general management to build a real ambition, and guarantee to operate differently. An immediate grip on the project and an absence of sharing on the part of the corporate body will lead irretrievably to the birth of an ordinary project, far from the impact expected by the creation of a startup. The same will happen in the case of an aversion to recognize one's weaknesses, to leave one's hands on skills and know-how that one does not have.

If this initial overview is convincing, we will then have to work on bringing together talents who can surpass market standards... in a context of war for talent.

Create a new space, conducive to real innovation

The key asset of any startup that outperforms is its team of founders. What do you do to attract the best? These profiles can now start on their own, raise funds and be free to operate as they please.

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