The best partners to get out of the crisis

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The Crisis Exit Partners

Consulting firms - Internal team - Startup studios - Advertising agencies.

Who are the right partners to imagine and build the future?

This health crisis can prove to be beneficial for a good number of companies which will know how to adapt and listen to their employees, their customers, their hearts. While we are still in the storm, without visibility on this new environment which is emerging, there are two types of companies: those which are immersed in the reflection, the wait-and-see attitude that the world before picks up its pace; and those who became aware of an imperative for change who initiated it. Often without fully knowing how to set it up, but they are already in motion.

But how do you adapt while moving forward, in a context that is sometimes difficult to read? It is characteristic of every entrepreneur.

To succeed in this challenge, which often involves questioning the principles which have precisely made the bases of the company's success, companies must open up and surround themselves with co-pilots who are familiar with navigating troubled waters.

Survey: who are the right partners to bounce back in a crisis situation?

Below, you will find the result of a Poll carried out on Twitter During the Covid-19 crisis (April 2020) we a reduced sample of 69 voters and which highlights potential partners for large groups and mid-cap companies.

In the first place come the internal teams (33%) who on the one hand are operational immediately, are already in the cost structure and who know perfectly the business of the company; conversely, their ability to do things differently is severely tested.

Then, consulting firms can be good partners to analyze and identify opportunities to exit the crisis/growth driver.

In third position, studio startups are the new entrants. Actors quickly operational, at moderate costs, with an execution and business focus. They are particularly ROIistic and efficient when they work in tandem with businesses, involving seasoned entrepreneurs.

Finally, the advertising agencies are lagging behind because they are often associated with communication actions with an uncertain impact on the results.

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