Classement des VCs français sur les réseaux sociaux

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Who are the most active VC funds on social media in France?


Today, one of the key issues for investment funds is to access the right deal flow, that is to say to attract the right investment opportunities. Social networks are a great mean to develop their notoriety among entrepreneurs and startups.  

There are a few hundred investment funds in France; we have established below a ranking of the main French VC funds according to their presence and attractiveness on social media (Twitter + Linkedin). This ranking is established based on the number of followers on their Twitter account + subscribers on their LinkedIn page.


In this first version of the ranking, we took into account the number of followers (popularity) on Twitter + Linkedin. To do this, 321founded has developed an algorithm that regularly scrapes fund activities on social networks in order to allow you to have an up-to-date overview. Given the dominant weight of the BPI (sovereign wealth fund), the latter is in 1st position but we have moderated its weight in the charts below.

A next version of this ranking will be established taking into account the number of publications (activity) of VC or CVC and their popularity (number of likes).

Ranking of French VC funds according to their popularity on Twitter + LinkedIn

To get the full ranking or suggest a change, please contact us.

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