Premier vendredi du 321founders club

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First Friday: entrepreneurs connections

Every first Friday of the month, we devote half a day to helping entrepreneurs.

Why ?

Entrepreneurs are often alone and lack the opportunity to interact with experienced entrepreneurs who can help them ask the right questions or access new networks that can make a difference.

The 321founded team is committed to contributing to the development of the French ecosystem. Each meeting is always a source of mutual learning.

The principle ?

1h of discussion per startup with the founders.

On the 321founded side are present: Romain and Patrick + 1 serial-entrepreneur from the 321founded network.

The approach is completely free. We just appreciate good humor and fun!

Registration :

It is very difficult to meet all the demands; only 4 startups per month will be chosen. We do not have a favorite sector, the activity must be digital, ideally have at least 12 months of activity and have initial figures / learnings to share with us (need for raw materials to feed the discussion). We receive both French and foreign startups (video call).

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